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2013 D.C. Trip

CPLA and Eboni met up at 4:00am in the Little Building Lobby to start the long trek to Washington D.C. A cab, an unnecessarily bumpy plane ride, a train, and a metro ride later, we were in D.C. and off to our first appointment with the State House. We learned about crisis management in the government and had great discourse on current crises like Benghazi and the Shutdown.

The weekend held great networking–and fun–for all the entire group. We made our way to Voice of America, Finn and Partners lobbyist firm, Meet the Press, the Capitol, and general exploration of D.C. We met with alumnae and interacted with the Bird Street Civic Engagement Project.


CPLA attends the 57th Presidential Inauguration

The Communications, Politics, and Law Association took part in a decades old CPLA tradition this past Monday by visiting Washington D.C for President Barack Obama’s Inauguration.

For the first time the trip was open to Emerson students outside of CPLA allowing for a diverse group of 40 students (pictured below) hailing from all backgrounds and years.

Inauguration - Group Photo















Leaving late Sunday night, our sleepy members were hardly ready for the crowds that awaited us when we arrived and made our way to the National Mall.

Inauguration - Crowd














Arriving at the Mall, our members were excited to see Anderson Cooper and the rest of the CNN news team up in their press box.

Inauguration - CNN














After a few moments of swooning over the back of Mr. Coopers head, CPLA made its way further down the mall, and into the crowd. We didn’t get the closest spot, but we watched the ceremony on the big screen and listened to the moving words and incredible speeches on the loud speakers.

Inauguration - Screen















All of our members waited in anticipation for the President’s speech. After President Obama was finished, the crowd erupted into a patriotic frenzy.

Inauguration - Flags














After the ceremony members split up to see the nearby sights, attend the parade, or visit museums, among other things. At the end of the day, as our group made its way back to our bus parked in RFK stadium, we were greeted by a spectacular sunset. The perfect way to cap off such a historic, exciting day. A day that no one on the trip is sure to forget anytime soon.

Inauguration - Sunset



























CPLA reps at Student Life Org Fair!


Friday, Jan 18, CPLA engaged with the Emerson Community at Student Life’s Org Fair. New President, senior Katie Prisco-Buxbaum, introduced herself to potential members and encouraged them to check out the organization.

CPLA meetings will be held on Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. in Piano Row L151 starting Jan. 30. All those interested in attending can email or can just stop by!

On behalf of CPLA, we welcome you to a new semester!

CPLA takes DC

The Communications, Politics, and Law Association hosted its annual trip to Washington DC, November 1-4. Twelve students had the opportunity to meet with prominent alumni, visit landmarks, and make connections in the DC area.

The trip began with a trip to the capitol, with a tour of the Senate floor and House of Representatives’ chambers.

Students then went to visit CPLA alumni, Evan Chapman, at Virginia Represenative, Bobby Scott’s, office. Chapman gave students advice about interning and working on the Hill.

After Representative Scott’s office, students headed to Maine Senator, Olympia Snowe’s office to meet with her correspondent, Hayley King.

The next morning, Nov. 2, CPLA headed to the State Department to the office of International Information Programming. The State Department showed students their television broadcast facilities and Emerson alumi, Nick Namba introduced students to the principles of the department.

CPLA also headed to the Icelandic Embassy to meet with the Ambassador of Iceland, Gudmundur Arni Stefansson, who illuminated students of the political and cultural aspects of Icelandic life.

Students met with alumni throughout the trip and current Emerson students at the Washington program in DC. Always a worthwhile trip, DC inspired students to expand their networks and become more politically involved.

CPLA hosts 9/11 Vigil, Pelton speaks

Carrying on the tradition of the longest running 9/11 Vigil in the United States, CPLA hosted the candlelight ceremony in the Boston Common at 7pm on the 11th anniversary of the tragedy.

Students were joined by key faculty members from the communications department including Dr. Gregory Payne (CPLA’s sponsor), Dr. John Anderson (Head of the Communications Department), Dr. Phillip Glenn (Dean of the Communications School at Emerson), and Emerson College’s President, Lee Pelton as well as a representative from Senator John Kerry’s office, Greg Stewart.

CPLA President, Monica de Pinto Ribiero Hancke gave opening remarks and introduced faculty speakers, including President Pelton. CPLA Secretary Abby McCauley gave closing remarks and began the candle lighting.

Over 160 students and faculty came together to honor the fallen men and women.

CPLA wins Organization of the Year, 2012 ERA

Awarding the efforts of Emerson College’s premiere Communication and Political group on campus, CPLA was presented with the 2012 ERA for Best Organization of the year.

At the ERA ceremony former CPLA President Alex Castillo passed the torch to incoming President Monica DePinto Ribeiro Hancke.

CPLA hosts end of the year banquet

April 19, CPLA wrapped up its year with a banquet held at Fajitas and ‘Ritas.

Commemorating the campaigns and trips of the year, President Alex Castillo presented each member with a paper plate award, as well as announced the organization’s member of the year, Freshman Erin Goodyear.

The retiring executive board gave the incoming officers gag gifts and words of wisdom.

Bringing everyone together one last time, CPLA ended its year with food and festivities.