CPLA takes DC

The Communications, Politics, and Law Association hosted its annual trip to Washington DC, November 1-4. Twelve students had the opportunity to meet with prominent alumni, visit landmarks, and make connections in the DC area.

The trip began with a trip to the capitol, with a tour of the Senate floor and House of Representatives’ chambers.

Students then went to visit CPLA alumni, Evan Chapman, at Virginia Represenative, Bobby Scott’s, office. Chapman gave students advice about interning and working on the Hill.

After Representative Scott’s office, students headed to Maine Senator, Olympia Snowe’s office to meet with her correspondent, Hayley King.

The next morning, Nov. 2, CPLA headed to the State Department to the office of International Information Programming. The State Department showed students their television broadcast facilities and Emerson alumi, Nick Namba introduced students to the principles of the department.

CPLA also headed to the Icelandic Embassy to meet with the Ambassador of Iceland, Gudmundur Arni Stefansson, who illuminated students of the political and cultural aspects of Icelandic life.

Students met with alumni throughout the trip and current Emerson students at the Washington program in DC. Always a worthwhile trip, DC inspired students to expand their networks and become more politically involved.


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