Annual Trips

In addition to civic engagement on Emerson’s campus, CPLA also partakes in two annual trips every year. Both trips are of no cost to our members and provide valuable professional development and networking opportunities.

Members use this as a chance to speak with leaders in politics, the private sector, and community organizations about their experiences. Former CPLA-ers have used our trips as segways into internships and employment. These trips are not only beneficial professionally but are also some of the most memorable experiences of our members’ college careers.

Our New York Trips takes places every Fall. In the past, our delegation has had meetings with The United Nations, New York News One, The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, consulting firms, PR agencies, and with a host of alumni. This year’s trip will be taking place from November 3 to 7.

CPLA also hosts a trip to Washington, DC every Spring.Our DC delegation has met with the White House, the Secretary of State’s Office, NPR, lobbyist firms, the Democratic National Committee, and numerous Emerson alums. Applications for the trip will be released in February; be on the look out!


One thought on “Annual Trips

  1. I’m a freshman majoring in Political communication, and I’m very enthusiastic about MUN.It would be amazing if I had the opportunity to have a meeting with the UN since I hope to work for the United Nations someday. So is it still possible to apply for the trip to New York ? If not,then how can I apply for the trip to Washington?

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