Executive board for 2012-13 elected

CPLA held elections Thursday, April 5, to determine which members would make up the 2012-13 executive board. The positions up for election were President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Director.

Sophomore, Monica de Pinto Ribeiro Hancke ran unopposed for the position of President, and will serve as the leader of executive board during the 2012-13 term alongside sophomore Xakota Espinoza, who ran unopposed for Vice President.

Freshmen, Abagael McCauley, Erin Goodyear, and Kassie King compose the rest of the executive board. McCauley ran against Paul Almeida for the position of Secretary, Goodyear ran unopposed for the position of Treasurer, and King ran against Rebecca Contreras for the position of Communications Director.

Elections for director positions in CPLA will be held at the start of the fall semester.


CPLA donates funds to Take Back the Night

Supporting one of Emerson’s professional sororities, Kappa Gamma Chi, CPLA donated funds towards their Take Back the Night campaign and events, March 26-April 1.

Take Back the Night is a national foundation dedicated to end violence against women, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. Today, Take Back the Night takes initiative on the lives women, men, the LGBTQ community, families, and many others.


Annual Washington D.C. Trip, CPLA Connects with Alumni

Arriving in the Nation’s Capital, March 30, a few days following D.C.’s 100th annual Cherry Blossom Festival, CPLA took fourteen students to experience Washington and network with former CPLA students.

Students arrived in D.C. Friday morning, and were given the opportunity to do some sight seeing.



Students then met with Alumni, Peter Lodge and Phil Madgi to get some perspective on careers in the fields of law and lobbying. Lodge and Madgi gave advice to eager listeners and spoke to the networking capabilities of the Emerson Mafia in D.C.

Following the Alumni panel, students ventured further downtown to experience the National Public Radio (NPR) Headquarters. Escorted by Brent Baughman (Emerson Class of 2010) the students were able to get a feel for recording spaces and then were introduced to NPR Host, Guy Raz.




Beginning Saturday with a security check, CPLA members filtered into the US State Department for a meeting with the Bureau of International Information Programs. Students were informed of possible careers in the State Department, and future internships.

Finally, Students headed to Virginia Representative, Bobby Scott’s, office for a quick tour and talk-back regarding working for elections and going into politics.

Through the wide variety of monuments, alumni, and speakers the students saw and met with, D.C. enrichws the students of CPLA and proved to be a worthwhile experience.

President Lee Pelton visits CPLA, launches subcommittee


Monday, March 12, Emerson’s President, Lee Pelton, came to talk to CPLA about civic engagement on campus and in the worldwide community. A believer in civic engagement, Pelton wants Emerson students to become a greater part of the community at large.

Pelton began with a discussion on Kony 2012, a campaign started by the non-profit Invisible Children to spread awareness about child soldiers in Uganda. In order to encourage students’ participation in the discussion Pelton asked about non-profits and the best way to make a difference in the Boston and international community.

Students interacted with Pelton discussing all the ways Emerson could become more civically engaged. President Pelton discussed his intentions to host a conference regarding the DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) during the 2012 fall term. Pelton also entertained student suggestions regarding a community garden, LGBT initiative, and diversity concerns in the Emerson community.

Towards the end of the meeting, Pelton suggested CPLA construct a subcommittee to meet with him to discuss options regarding the school taking steps to be active participants in the community.

CPLA, Emerson Young Republicans host voter registration drive

Feb. 25, CPLA hosted a voter registration drive in the multi-purpose room to engage the Emerson campus in the upcoming elections. Over 40 students were registered.

In compliance with President Lee Pelton’s civic engagement initiative on campus, CPLA co-sponsored the event with Emerson Young Republicans, a new organization co-created by Abagael McCauley and Paul Almeida.

Students are reminded to register to vote both locally and nationally and to take an active role in the Emerson community and the Boston community as a whole.

Students for Education Reform host documentary screening

Students for Education Reform, in co-sponsorship with CPLA, hosted a screening of Waiting for Superman, Feb. 20.

Waiting for Superman is a documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim about the problems with the education system in America. Held in the multi-purpose room, students from throughout the Emerson community came together to learn about the faults in the system and then participated in a discussion about what changes need to be made.

Erin Goodyear and Donovan Birch led the discussion among students while SFER President, Shannon Sweeny compiled a list of students interested in participating in future events.

Iceland Global Project sponsors student documentary trip

CPLA, in sponsorship with Dr. Greg Payne’s Iceland Global Project, sponsored a trip to Iceland for five students to film a documentary on Icelandic history and culture.

Students met with members of parliament, public diplomacy professors, and marketing executives from the Icelandic national tourism board. The trip focused on fostering cross cultural relationships and inspiring American students to learn more about Iceland and cultural exchanges.

You can watch the first episode here: