President Lee Pelton visits CPLA, launches subcommittee


Monday, March 12, Emerson’s President, Lee Pelton, came to talk to CPLA about civic engagement on campus and in the worldwide community. A believer in civic engagement, Pelton wants Emerson students to become a greater part of the community at large.

Pelton began with a discussion on Kony 2012, a campaign started by the non-profit Invisible Children to spread awareness about child soldiers in Uganda. In order to encourage students’ participation in the discussion Pelton asked about non-profits and the best way to make a difference in the Boston and international community.

Students interacted with Pelton discussing all the ways Emerson could become more civically engaged. President Pelton discussed his intentions to host a conference regarding the DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) during the 2012 fall term. Pelton also entertained student suggestions regarding a community garden, LGBT initiative, and diversity concerns in the Emerson community.

Towards the end of the meeting, Pelton suggested CPLA construct a subcommittee to meet with him to discuss options regarding the school taking steps to be active participants in the community.


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