New York City Trip!

CPLA had its annual excursion to New York City and we had a fantastic time! We had an opportunity to get an inside look at variety of professions and industries and meeting with the emerging leaders of each respective field. And of course, we all had a great time sight-seeing in New York City when our business meetings were done!

During this trip we had an opportunities to meet with:

The Commissioner for the  The UN Relief Agency
Mark Donovan, Emerson Alum and Social Entrepreneur
The Icelandic Consulate
New York News One
Patrick Morris, Emerson Alum and Partner at Hagin Investment Management
Katie-Coral Sicora, Emerson Alum and Language Consultant
Kevin Mercuri, Emerson Alum and Founder of Propheta Communication
Alexis Morin, Founder and COO of Students for Education Reform

The professional development opportunities CPLA were invaluable and the memories we made will last a lifetime. The trip was a great bonding experience for our members and we can’t wait until DC. If you’re interested in coming on one of our trips, please come to our meetings in Walker 417 at 6PM on Thursdays for more information!


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